One Blue Unitard

Giving Up the Ghost may hold the record for my longest post E-VER: 2345 words.  Apparently I was having a little bit of trouble letting go of Captain Grief and this blog :). I have learned a great deal writing the queer parenting blog The Ginger Menace with PinkPlayMags and with my own blog Brave.Creative.Me.  I have created a massive amount of online work but I am more relaxed about things now. I post when I need to and I know that outlet is there for me when I really need it. Just like my old friend Captian Grief, but way more polite!

imageOne of these times has come upon me in a big way!  What seems like a long time ago a dear friend of mine Jennifer Neales (seen far right) from University of Guelph theatre days ask me to be part of her production #HERStoryCounts. I am one of  six other women telling our own stories.  This project is about making our voices heard and treating our own stories with the respect that they deserve.  It addresses the lack of diversity in theatre, particularly where female performers are concerned.

I am honoured to be among them and privileged to share my story. As I went through draft after draft of what I was going to use in my monologue it became clear that I also needed to share the story of Captain Grief!  She quite literally changed my life after Kara died and now she seems to be changing my life again! Work-a-holic.

Kelly Wilk, Tenneille Read, Sundance Nagrial, Evangelia Kambites

Janet Romero-Leiva, Ordena Stephens-Thompson, Susan A.Lock, Jen Neales


Moving on to a new blog I also took the opportunity to read my work at public events. Joining the gay choir Singing Out!  (get tickets here for June for the Saturday Jun 4th concert) reminded me how much joy and freedom singing brought to my life.  It was transformative and healing all by itself but when I was given an acting role in the tribute to Broadway Showstoppers I was amazed to realize how much theatre never left my blood.

Captain Grief has been secretly wanting to jump off the page since she returned from Cuba. Now she is getting that chance and I purchased a shiny ass blue unitard for the occasion! This character feels wonderful to experience in my body because in the same way she is free. Free to laugh, to cry, to swear, to stand up for herself!  And now she is literally breaking the barrier of a two dimensional world, cursing her way on to the stage.  We open at The Red Sandcastle Theatre in Toronto, 922 Queen St. E. on Friday, April 22 and running to Sunday, April 24.

If you want more info than this I have also written a kid friendly post on The Ginger Menace Step Aside Son and a not so kid friendly post on Brave.Creative.Me. Enter Sniffling. So for now I will say tickets are sold out for the 22nd but there are some left online for the 23rd and 24th to GET YOUR TICKETS today and….

500 words, ha.


Thanks for flying with me, leave me a comment and tell me how the trip was!