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You may be wondering who on earth is this person expending so much time and energy talking to an unorthodox super hero version of herself? My name is Kelly. Who am I? A lesbian with a superhero complex, a writer with too much time on her hands, a single mom who needs a freaking laugh? Perhaps. Really I am just a woman widowed at thirty-four years of age who needs an outlet. I created this site and blog so I have a place where I do not have to put a filter on my grief and the less socially accepted coping strategies of losing a spouse; to deal with tragedy with honesty, courage and more than a little humour.

The Nitty Gritty

I am a freelance writer with PinkPlayMags As a spin off of The Highflying Adventures of Captain Grief which is now closed, I write a monthly online queer parenting blog called The Ginger Menace through PinkPlayMags. I have also started a personal blog Brave.Creative.Me Where I post on Tuesdays and Thursdays about writing, art, cooking, crafting and pretty much anything else I darn well please.

8 thoughts on “Behind the Mask

  1. Janice

    Thank you thank you thank you for your website! (I’m sorry for the loss of your spouse–mine passed in mid 2011). This site is wonderfully irreverant, bang on and allows me to LAUGH when I really want to cry–a worthy feat, captain grief!

    1. Captain Grief Post author

      Hi Janice,

      just sent you a message and not sure it went through. Could you connect via email just so I know you got it I am not sure people have been getting my replies through this program! Feel free to join my subscribers list if you want i will add you. Or join my facebook group The High Flying Adventures of Captain Grief. take care and thank you for your voice!


  2. Leslie

    Kelly, I’m so sorry for your loss. I do so enjoy your blog–while I haven’t lost a spouse, I did lose my mother back in 2005, when I was 25 and nine months pregnant, and have dealt with some similar issues of awkward social comments and reactions. It’s so wonderful to read your honesty. It’s healing. Thank you.

    (Also, a complete aside I feel you might appreciate: What is up with euphemistic terms? If you lose a dog you put up posters… we didn’t misplace our family members–they died. Oy.)

    Stay strong, and be kind to yourself.

    1. Captain Grief Post author

      Hi Leslie
      You are amazing and a Superhero in your own right! I could not imagine grieving while pregnant, pregnancy is hard enough!! And to “lose” your mom at a time when you might need her most is quite the whammy!! She is not there for the scary stuff and she is not there to share in the joy either. However, as you know that is the sucky thing about grief! And you are so right about the way our language lacks sometimes. When my dad passed away on a hunting trip my Grandpa called to tell us they “lost him” (and that is a direct quote). My mom’s curt reply was “you lost him…? Do you mean you lost him or he’s dead?!” I wish grieving the loss of someone who has died was as easy as putting up posters to find them again. Actually…that is totally something Captain Grief would do! It would go something like this, thanks for the idea! This is the poster Captain Grief papered “The Village” with! (to see this poster go to “Misery loves company” my March 14th blog post.)
      Kelly and C.G.


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